The Bachelorette Sort of Reveals Tayshia’s Top 2 As One Guy Quits


If you thought a whole season of The Bachelorette shot in a resort would result in some pretty luxurious fantasy suites, surprise—it’s a camper!

Only one fantasy suite was in a camper, and it was a nice camper we’d totally pay to stay in on Airbnb, but still…it was a camper. 

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette involved that time-honored tradition of sending the lead and their suitors into bedrooms and turning the cameras off while leaving the microphones on so we can hear the kissing sounds. The next morning, they each had to head back to the room where the other two guys were hanging out and try to be be coy about the night they just spent with their collective girlfriend. It’s really weird when you think too hard about it, but this is what we come here for. 

Another thing we come here for is drama, and at first, we really thought this episode wouldn’t have any. We were wrong about that too. 

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