Fashion Week Flashback: See Beyoncé, Ashton Kutcher and More Stars on the 2011 Runways


They sing, they act and they also know how to walk a runway!

New York Fashion Week is here and it’s that time of the year when the stars make their runway cameo dreams come true.

Fashion Week has evolved throughout the years especially this time around with COVID-19 safety restrictions. Most fashion houses have switched to streaming their shows virtually with the exception of a few live shows complying to strict guidelines. But one thing that will never change is that the celebs will always stand out with their iconic looks—even if it’s from the comfort of their own homes.

Before the times of digital fashion, designers and celebs have collaborated to pull off some of the greatest crossovers in runway history. For proof, just take a look back at Fashion Week 2011 that will make you reminisce!

It’s been a decade and from Lady Gaga’s iconic walk to Kanye West’s fashion line, keep scrolling for a few unforgettable runway sightings.  

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