Alexandra O’Neill on the “Surreal” Experience of Designing First Lady Jill Biden’s Inauguration Look


E! News: What was the importance of the blue ensemble? Why was that color chosen for today’s event?

Alexandra O’Neill: We chose blue because it is a very calming color that signifies trust, confidence and stability.

E! News: What does it mean to you to have her wear your brand?

AON: It’s an honor she chose a female-founded American brand that makes everything in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. This will definitely be the highlight of my career.

E! News: Why do you think it’s important for the first lady to highlight young, up-and-coming designers?

AON: I think that she recognizes the impact she can have on a brand’s career. She is giving an emerging designer a chance to be showcased on a global level, which is unlike anything else. It also sets an important precedent to support American-founded, small emerging businesses.

E! News: How involved was the first lady when designing this look for her?

AON: It was a collaborative process with a nice dialogue. [She and her team] were so wonderful to work with. I know that they were considering multiple designers for today, so it is an incredible honor that she walked out wearing Markarian.

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